Jet Engine Transport Dollies

Situation: A jet engine manufacturer had designed the next generation of jet engines, these new engines were heavier than the prior model.  The increase in weight was causing  swivel bearing failure in the existing casters that were made by a competitor of ours.The dollies were in use all over more »

AGV for 65,000lb Jet Engines

Situation: A manufacturer of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV's) needed casters that could support 65,000lb jet engines, in addition to the 4,000lb weight of the vehicle. Each engine carried on the AGV's is valued at several million dollars. Ensuring the safety of the cargo is important. The design of the more »

US Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Stands

Situation: The United States Air Force needed to replace casters for aircraft maintenance stands used to change windows on military aircraft's. The carts were hard to roll, requiring a significant amount of force exertion. The replacement casters had to withstand the environmental challenges that are caused by outdoor use, more »