Jet Engine Transport Dollies

Situation: A jet engine manufacturer had designed the next generation of jet engines, these new engines were heavier than the prior model.  The increase in weight was causing  swivel bearing failure in the existing casters that were made by a competitor of ours.The dollies were in use all over the world, and casters had to be replaced on every unit currently in use.

The jet engines carried on these dollies cost millions of dollars, and the caster failure caused a high risk of  damage to the engines.

Challenge: Provide a spring loaded caster that could support the weight, and fit on the existing cart design.

Solution: Replace the existing casters with our Aluminum heavy duty casters

Benefits: Our casters not only supported the weight of the new engines, they improved ease of roll and maneuvering. The customer also saved significantly on shipping the casters all over the world, because aluminum is significantly lighter than steel or iron.