How to Choose Shock Absorbing Casters

Shock absorbing casters offer several benefits, including cargo protection, noise reduction, and the ability to roll over some obstructions, just to name a few. However, choosing the wrong shock absorbing caster may actually do more harm than good. Shock Absorbing casters utilize a spring to dissipate shock, choosing the more »

What if the Wrong Spring is Loaded for a Shock Absorbing Caster?

Shock Absorbing Deflection Curve

The impact of springs on a shock absorbing caster is critical, to say the least. The springs determine how the caster will perform and how much load it can carry. Some may think, it is best to use a spring that is rated to carry significantly more than the more »

Using Industrial Casters Outdoors?

Modern Suspension Systems 33 Series

Industrial casters are generally designed for indoor use, there are several factors that can impact the performance of a caster, and cause deterioration, and damage to industrial casters outdoors. That is not to say that industrial casters cannot be used outdoors, it is just a matter of using the more »

What is the benefit of Independent Suspension Casters?

Modern Suspension Systems dual wheel casters are all Independent Suspension Casters, allowing each of the wheels on one caster to react independently when encountering a object, ramp or uneven flooring. Most dual wheel casters are on a single axle and may share springs, which results in impact on both wheels, more »

Why choose Modern Aluminum Casters?

Modern Suspension Systems manufacturers a wide variety of steel and aluminum spring loaded, shock absorbing casters. Modern offers several lines ranging from light to heavy duty shock absorbing casters. While there are numerous offerings of spring loaded casters on the market, Modern Suspensions Systems are unique because of the following attributes: more »

What is the difference in Shock Absorbing Casters?

Modern Suspension Systems 138 Series

Shock absorbing casters offer many benefits, including Protecting cargo from damage Reducing noise due to vibration Easier to roll than conventional casters when the flooring is cracked, uneven or encountering obstructions like thresholds Reduces risk of damage to flooring However, not all shock absorbing casters actually create a benefit. Shock absorbing casters are usually more »

Why choose Modern Suspension Shock Absorbing Casters?

Shock Absorbing, Spring Loaded Casters

Modern Suspension Systems manufacturers a wide variety of steel and aluminum spring loaded, shock absorbing casters. While there are several lines of spring loaded casters, Modern Suspensions Systems are unique because: Completely Aluminum Casters : Modern is one of only two American manufacturers of completely aluminum casters. Aluminum offers several more »

How are Modern Suspension Aluminum Casters similar to a Ford F-150?

Ford-F-150-Aluminum | Modern Suspension Casters

How is a Modern Suspension Caster similar to a Ford F-150? Both are constructed in ALUMINUM. Did you know? • Aluminum is the most abundant, naturally occurring metal in the earth’s crust? • You are likely never more than six feet away from a piece of aluminum • Without aluminum, many of the more »