Outdoor Casters / Specialty Applications

Modern’s line of aluminum casters are ideal for applications where appearance matters or outdoor casters where weather is a factor.  Most heavy duty casters are made with iron or steel, both metals are highly corrosive, therefore rain and humidity will cause rust fairly quickly. Modern Suspension Systems offers completely aluminum, corrosion resistant casters, that are light weight, but heavy in strength. Aluminum is a shiny metal that is appealing and looks good.

These characteristics make aluminum the ideal choice for outdoor casters used on:

    • Large and Custom Tool Boxes
    • BBQ Grills and Smokers
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Auto Racing / NASCAR Pit Crews

Modern’s Aluminum Shock Absorbing casters are also a great choice for high end, heavy duty restaurant equipment. Aluminum is non corrosive and can withstand many chemicals, including cleaning chemicals. Paired with a rubber wheel, the Modern Aluminum Shock Absorbing casters create an ideal solution for commercial kitchens.


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