AGV for 65,000lb Jet Engines

Situation: A manufacturer of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) needed casters that could support 65,000lb jet engines, in addition to the 4,000lb weight of the vehicle. Each engine carried on the AGV’s is valued at several million dollars. Ensuring the safety of the cargo is important. The design of the vehicle called for four casters, and with our safety variance, that meant that each caster needed to support at least 20,000lbs.

Challenge: Provide a shock absorbing caster with a maximum weight capacity of at least 20,000lbs. Preferably a greater weight capacity, for greater safety. Because these are shock absorbing casters, an increase in the load can diminish the shock absorption qualities.

Solution: Dual Wheel Shock Absorbing casters with independent suspension and a maximum weight capacity of 25,000lbs

Benefits: By having the ability to provide a 25,000lb capacity caster, we exceed the 25% safety variance that is suggested, in addition the independent suspension provides additional safety. Independent suspension limits the shock from most impact incidents, to just the wheel encountered, therefore limiting impact on the cart and the load. (Click here for a detailed description of independent suspension)