Automotive Assembly

Modern Suspension Systems casters are extremely durable, with high weight capacities and advanced shock absorption capabilities, making Modern casters the right choice for the most grueling automotive manufacturing applications, including Axle / Gear plants and Stamping Facilities.  Modern casters are built to handle the most grueling of challenges, whether it’s a very heavy load, or a dilapidated floor ridden with cracks, Modern casters will perform and keep your materials moving. They are extremely durable and rugged, capable of withstanding the most grueling of environments.

Modern Suspension Systems are different from other shock absorbing, spring loaded casters, in that they offer  Vari-Flex design, and “Independent Suspension” on the dual wheel casters.

Vari-Flex design optimizes springs for the load weight specified, utilizing an average of only 50% of the suspension systems total range, while achieving optimal load support. Vari-Flex achieves optimal shock reduction, and drastically reduces shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance when the cart is empty, or loaded beyond its rated capacity.

With independent suspension, each wheel has its own forks and springs, independent of the other wheel, its like having two casters on one top plate. This is extremely beneficial because it helps to keep both wheels on the ground and the cart or dolly level, even when the ground is not, or an obstruction is encountered. It also helps avoid excessive stress on just one wheel, reducing the risk of failure and potential injuries.

The Vari-Flex design optimizes shock absorption and helps reduce noise due to vibration.

These casters have been used for:

  • In-Plant Trailers
  • Trash Containers and Wagons
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Tool Carts
  • Specialty Toolboxes
  • Glass / Windshield Carriers
  • Finished Goods / Door Panels
  • Mobile Workstations

Modern Suspensions shock absorbing casters are capable of carrying loads as high as 25,000lbs per steel caster and 6,500lbs per aluminum caster. The fully aluminum line of casters is truly unique when compared to all other casters on the market. These casters are completely aluminum except for the top plate and tread material, obviously. Aluminum is light weight, looks good, rust and corrosion resistant, extremely durable, chemical resistant (most chemicals) and does not spark, giving Modern Suspension Systems casters benefits that no other caster can match.

Shock Absorbing, Spring Loaded Casters

Modern Suspension Systems 138 Series spring loaded shock absorbing caster

Modern Suspension Systems Series 38-3

Modern Suspensions 38 Series Aluminum Caster with Polyurethane Wheel




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