Luggage Carts (Hospitality and Gaming)

Modern Suspensions 33 Series of Aluminum Casters are ideal for Hotel Luggage Carts, while most luggage carts use pneumatic tires which scuff and mark flooring. Modern’s aluminum shock absorbing casters are spring loaded and are available with rubber wheels, providing the same outdoor use benefits of pneumatic tires, while protecting flooring and improving appearance. These casters will roll over pebbles, thresholds, bumps, and cracks in the floor easily. You never have to worry about the wheel “going flat” or tracking in little pebbles like a tire does.

Being completely aluminum, these casters are corrosion resistant, so they will not rust. They will always look good because their are not painted or powder coated, which shows scratches and rusts if where compromised.

  • Shock Absorbing, virtually eliminates vibration and can reduce noise significantly
  • Non Scuffing, will not mark or scuff flooring
  • Aesthetically Appealing, Aluminum has a shinier finish that looks good
  • Lightweight (average 40% less than steel), Reduces force needed to roll, and the risk of injury
  • Corrosion Resistant, rain, sleet or snow will not corrode these casters
  • Springs and Rubber Wheels make it very easy roll carts over thresholds, obstructions, cracked floors, pebbles

Bellman Luggage Carts are a part of the initial presentation for your hotel, don’t you want to put your best caster forward.

33 Series Aluminum Caster | Modern SuspensionWe offer an optional wheel brake, that locks the wheel and keeps the cart from rolling when applied. The brake is engaged and disengaged by foot, eliminating strain and stress of bending and pulling.

Modern’s integrated suspension system easily absorbs any shock due to uneven flooring, cracks, rocks, debris, flooring threshold, and just about any other obstruction on the floor. Modern casters are spring loaded and optimized to use no more than 50% of their maximum range of motion, at rated load capacities, this means plenty of give when needed. It also means, easier to push casters, reducing the strain on operators, and a reduction in the risk of injury.

These carts are also ideal for casino gaming use, including money transport carts and other carts used within the casino. Modern casters are easy to roll and are shock absorbing, reducing the risk of injury to operators.

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