Why Modern Suspension Systems?

Modern Suspension Systems offers an extensive line of steel or aluminum spring loaded, light to heavy duty shock absorbing and vibration damping casters. All of our casters utilize our Vari-Flex linear suspension system, which achieves optimal shock reduction, and drastically reduces shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance when the cart is empty, or loaded beyond its rated capacity. Our dual wheel models utilize a fully independent suspension, each wheel has its own separate legs and axle, its like having two separate casters on one top plate. This is extremely beneficial because it helps to keep both wheels on the ground and the cart or dolly level, even when the ground is not, or an obstruction is encountered. It also helps avoid excessive stress on just one wheel, reducing the risk of failure and potential injuries.

Modern Suspension Systems spring loaded casters are the ultimate solution for the most demanding applications that require vibration and shock reduction, while protecting operators, load contents, and  flooring. Weight capacities range from 50lbs to 25,000lbs per caster, and have a lower overall height than most casters rated at the same capacity, making Modern the right caster for a variety of applications. We optimize springs for the load weight specified utilizing an average of only 50% of the suspension systems total range, while achieving optimal load support. This applies to our entire line, including our light, medium and heavy duty shock absorbing casters, ensuring optimal performance in every application.

Our aluminum spring loaded casters are not like any other casters on the market, the entire caster is aluminum, including yoke, swivel section, wheel core, and achieves unique benefits like:

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Light Weight (40% Average less than Steel)
  • Chemical & Moisture Resistant
  • Heat dissipation
  • Non-Sparking
  • Non-magnetic

Modern Casters have exceeded expectations in applications like:

  • Aviation Equipment / Ground Support
  • Aerospace Manufacturing / Aircraft Dollies
  • Airline Catering / Food Service
  • Assembly Fixtures / Automotive
  • Cargo Decks / Pallet Trailers
  • Defense / Military Equipment
  • Electronics / Office Equipment
  • Luggage Racks / Hotel Equipment
  • Race Car Pit Carts / Tooling Fixtures
  • Staging / Mobile Movie Sets

Our aluminum casters are ideal for applications where the environment is a challenge, these corrosion resistant casters can handle water, most chemicals, moisture, humidity and other situations that would rust or corrode iron and steel. Aluminum is rust resistant, lightweight and looks good. With its natural luster and shine, aluminum is appealing in appearance and a great choice for casters used on medical equipment, computers and electronics, outdoor kitchens and restaurant equipment, and many other needs for a good looking, corrosion resistant caster.

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