Business Machines / Electronics Casters

Modern Suspension Systems 25 and 33 Series Casters are ideal electronics casters for use on:

  • Server Racks
  • Electronics Cabinets
  • High Capacity Copiers / Multi-Function Devices
  • Computer Storage Devices / Disk Arrays

Vibration due to shock can be very detrimental to some electronics, especially devices with mechanical drives like DVD-Roms and Hard Drives. Modern casters are spring loaded and shock absorbing, tremendously reducing the risk of vibration on electronic devices carried upon these casters. Our unique Vari-Flex design achieves optimal shock absorption and drastically reduces shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance, making it easier to roll your equipment and minimize the risk of tipping when coming in contact with electric cords, threshold, floor mounted outlets and other obstructions common in flooring.

The 25 Series are aluminum casters utilizing an aluminum wheel, legs and yoke, adding the benefits of a corrosion resistant, non-magnetic material, which is beneficial for computers and storage devices. These casters are low profile with an overall height of only 5 1/2 inches (with 3″ wheel) when fully flexed and weigh an average of 40% less than equivalent steel casters, reducing overall weight of the devices they are attached to. Aluminum is also aesthetically appealing,  and has a natural glimmer to it, making it an ideal choice where the caster is exposed and appearance matters.

Modern Suspension Systems 33 Series

Modern 33 Series with Optional Foot Brake

Modern Suspension Systems 25 Series

Modern 25 Series Caster with 3″ Diameter

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