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Why Modern Suspension Systems?

Modern Suspensions Systems line of spring loaded casters are designed and built to provide the highest quality of shock absorption and vibration dampening casters available.

Established in Rockford, IL by James Hagar, the Modern Suspension System's product line has clearly passed the test of time. Products are used in the most demanding applications to reduce vibration and noise, and protect delicate products and floor surfaces. While many companies have attempted to duplicate the vari-flex linear suspension system, which is the heart of the Modern Suspension System products, this product line continues to be in a class of its own. Found in a variety of markets, including material handling, military, weapons systems, automotive, aerospace, ground support, etc., this line continues to outperform all competing product lines.

The Modern Suspension System line of casters has capacities in varying sizes that can carry loads from 50 lbs. up to 25,000 lbs. on a shock absorbing caster. The unique feature of the product line is that at all capacities of application there is either a full steel caster design or an full aluminum caster line. When environment is harsh, when you want the most amazing looking caster, when rust is not an option, you will want the aluminum line of Modern Suspension System. The aluminum spring loaded casters are not duplicated anywhere else in the material handling markets.

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