Why choose Modern Suspension Shock Absorbing Casters?

Shock Absorbing, Spring Loaded Casters

Modern Suspension Systems manufacturers a wide variety of steel and aluminum spring loaded, shock absorbing casters. While there are several lines of spring loaded casters, Modern Suspensions Systems are unique because:

Completely Aluminum Casters : Modern is one of only two American manufacturers of completely aluminum casters. Aluminum offers several benefits including:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lighter than steel and iron (Average of 40%)
  • Resists water and many chemicals
  • Non sparking and non magnetic
  • Aesthetically appealing

Making Modern aluminum casters, ideal for use in wet and humid environments, outdoor use, applications where appearance matters, electronics that may be damaged by magnetization, flammable environments and so much more.

Vari-Flex Shock Absorption : Achieves optimal shock reduction and drastically reduces shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance, even when the cart is empty or loaded beyond its maximum rated capacity. Vari-Flex design utilizes an average of 50% of the casters rated weight capacity, ensuring performance even if loaded beyond rated capacity (this is not recommended).

It is not uncommon for caster with conventional spring systems to have limited deflection range and cause greater shock damage than comparable Modern casters under identical conditions. If the springs constant is too low, it could extend the impact of the shock and continue to vibrate excessively. If the spring constant is to high, it could essentially be the same as not having a spring at all. Modern Suspension Systems casters are custom built for your application and specified load capacity.

High Weight Capacities : Modern’s steel casters have a maximum weight capacity of 25,000lbs per caster, and the aluminum casters support up to 6,500lbs maximum load per caster. These high weight capacities, coupled with Modern’s shock absorption, make these casters ideal for challenging applications like aircraft ground support, staging, and other outdoor, high weight capacity situations.

Modern Suspension Casters are offered with three different types of wheels, Polyurethane 95A Shore hardness, Mold-On Rubber and Pneumatic Wheels.

  • Polyurethane  wheels are ideal for indoor use, especially on hard flooring and dry environments
  • Mold-On Rubber is a softer wheel with a 70A Shore hardness making it easier on flooring, it can withstand moisture and water, and is generally quieter than polyurethane wheels
  • Pneumatic Wheels (sometimes referred to as tires) Are ideal for outdoor use, rough terrain or uneven flooring, they cushion the load and can roll over obstructions

These benefits make Modern Suspension Casters ideal for a large variety of applications, to find the right Modern Caster for you challenge, check out the “find your caster” tool on our website.