What is the benefit of Independent Suspension Casters?

Modern Suspension Systems dual wheel casters are all Independent Suspension Casters, allowing each of the wheels on one caster to react independently when encountering a object, ramp or uneven flooring. Most dual wheel casters are on a single axle and may share springs, which results in impact on both wheels, even when only one wheel encounters a shock. Some dual wheel casters offer a pivoting or oscillating axle which allows for about a 5 degree variance. While that may help a little bit with very small obstructions, it will be useless on larger obstructions , ramps, etc.


Modern Casters Independent Suspension

Modern Casters offer fully Independent Suspension, reducing impact of shock and keeping the surface above the top plate level.


With Modern Suspensions Shock Absorbing casters, the dual wheel models have a separate axle with separate springs and legs for each wheel, its like having two separate casters on one top plate. This design offers several benefits, including:

  • Both wheels are carrying the load equally when an obstruction is encountered and keep consistent contact with the floor, while on a pivoting axle dual wheel caster, the force of the load may be carried on one wheel, or a portion of the wheel
  • Modern’s independent suspension casters minimize the risk of tilting the top plate, and in turn the cart and its contents, which can be very dangerous if a load is top heavy, or not evenly distributed
  • Separate springs deflect the shock independently, minimizing bounce and vibration, may even eliminate impact on the other wheel on the same caster

All of our casters utilize our Vari-Flex design, which achieves optimal shock reduction, and drastically reduces shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance when the cart is empty, or loaded beyond its rated capacity. These are all unique benefits of Modern’s Independent Suspension Systems casters, that reduce stress on the caster and reduce the risk of failure, and potential injuries.

Modern Suspension Systems casters offers  a completely aluminum line of corrosion resistant casters, that are lightweight and can withstand most chemicals, while having the shine and appeal that only aluminum has. These casters are often used in Aviation Ground Support, Aircraft Maintenance, Military and Defense applications.